Posted: December 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

“Forgiveness is a beautiful word…until you have someone to forgive”

That’s true personally, I’ve been struggling to forgive..well not at someone but rather moving on from a very painful event but nevertheless I still find it almost impossible for me to let go of stuffs. There is a saying that you cannot give what you don’t have or never experienced but even if you have been forgiven or experienced being forgiven..personally..How do you truly forgive someone?

“Forgive” to me is “letting go of the right to hurt someone for the wrong they have done to you” and we all know the saying “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” but well if we all do that all of us would be dead now right? I also strongly believe forgiving someone depends on how close you are to the person and the severity of the “crime”.

So really..How do you forgive someone who have hurt you deeply? You might not be mad at the person but the fact is it still hurts..Don’t tell me to forgive and forget that is a stupid saying. Forget?Really? If I were to punch you right now…yes you might forgive me but I don’t think you’ll forget.

Forgiveness is not a denial that you have been hurt or harmed. It does not mean that it’s OK what the offender did to you. If there had been no harm done, there would be nothing to forgive. Forgiveness does not mean tolerating wrongdoing or allowing an injustice to continue.

Forgiveness does not necessarily mean that you will totally forget the hurtful event, nor does it mean that you must continue to be the offender’s friend. You might need to keep a safe distance. That’s the truth of the matter, if you continue hurting someone deliberately he or she have the rights to leave you..Which turn the focus back on us, on me I suppose. MAYBE I did or said something that caused that person to hurt me in the first place, you know a reaction, retaliation. Newton’s law “for every action there is a reaction” to me that reaction can either be two things to forgive or to retaliate.

Again, as we move closer to 2012…I have not been the perfect friend, perfect student, perfect son…but the truth is I am wounded but that’s not an excuse for me to display my anger and I do acknowledge that I have done soooooo many wrongs to many people….through my fault, through my fault..through my most grievous fault…


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