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And that’s the thing with prayer ain’t it? It’s sooo simple and that’s the problem with it. I personally struggle with prayer countless times, when I think I’m doing fine with my prayer life it begins to deteriorate. So judging from past experiences when you think you’re doing fine in your prayer life think again. When I was young I find no comfort when someone  told me “God always answer your prayer,most of the time with a “no” though” and till this day I laugh every time I recall that hahaha

Even though it gives no comfort at that moment, it is true though looking back. God says “no” because He has something better for us and I think that should always be our focal point, MY focal point(yes I’m reminding myself especially!) Prayer doesn’t change God, it change us, God’s will does not conform to ours but rather our will conforms to His!(REMEMBER THAT ALISTER)

One think I always realize is God rarely(well in my life) tells me why He said no immediately, He doesn’t say “No I won’t grant you that because of…THIS(in the background huge fireworks and bright shining light blinding my eyes as I try to see what hidden majestic thing or person lies behind all of that)” Well yeah God doesn’t do that, He can but no. Most of the time we have to wait before we can see why God did what He did.

Some of you are in your mourning booth(I know I am, I mean common it’s 3.04am and I have school in what 3 hours?hahaha) but take courage.

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” Psalm 23:4




My two cents

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Let’s be brutally honest here, it’s hard to go a day without feeling love, important, noticed, appreciated and the list goes on and let’s face it no one in the world can promise us that every single day without fail and probably the same can be said regarding God(so we think!) which is more hurtful than the former cause in our minds, God is all powerful and good, His love is unconditional and He is good and powerful all the time! doesn’t feel that way most of the time does it?  You pray, but your prayers seem to bounce back to you unheard. You seek, but God’s voice is silent. So you wonder where God is – or even if He’s there at all.The times when God is silent are tough to go through, but they have a purpose. Trust me He is there.

If God has forgotten about you, you would cease to exist!

First off, NO God has not abandone you nor does He hate you! I personally think that when God is quiet He is teaching us to be faithful, “you can’t please God without faith” which is true if God would give you everything that you want, all the visible signs that He is ever present then there would be no faith. God would be like a genie but He isn’t, God is well GOD. I also strongly believe God is reminding us that without Him, we can accomplish nothing. He is  the  ONLY one that can give us TRUE and LASTING PEACE and LOVE. We take that for granted, me included.

If you think for one second your friends, studies or whatever can replace God’s love, peace and security then your highly misguided. I can tell you of the countless times, I’ve search high and low for love, peace and security but when problems come in my life, where are my friends? Even if they are….I feel no peace..then when I’m on the verge of breaking down, full of frustration, what happens? “I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE, GOD PLEASE HELP ME! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!” I come to the realization that I need God, there is no way I can handle the weight of the problem any longer. When the peace of God comes, it is an amazing feeling.

Sometimes it is not that God is silent it is that we are not listening, that we are not doing our best to keep in touch with him. How often do we spend time in prayer? Also, we have this idea that it is surely God when something dramatic happens so we expect like lightning to strike to give us a solid sign or an audible voice, I am 100% certain God can do that but I rather not… It’s scary! God usually speaks through other people or in a tiny voice…what does that tell us? We NEED to LISTEN! We can’t listen if we are busy with everything else, if we are not giving time for God! One of the greatest thing about being friends with God is that unlike our friends, if we ignore Him, He won’t unfriend us or block us, He is always wanting full friendship with us, it is us who is refusing to maintain the friendship. How do you expect to maintain your friendship with God if you don’t visit him?If you don’t talk to Him? How do you expect God to help you when you’re not listening to His advice? Again, I am certain He can help you without you doing anything on your part.

We have to really look closely at ourself. I am by no means an expert in prayer but I have to strive. Why? Cause I don’t think I can get through 2012 without it. Trust me 1 hour of mass is not enough to sustain me for one day let alone 1 week. I need God all the time and every time. Prayer doesn’t necessarily mean thanking God all the time(though we should!) but be honest with God, He knows everything already, so tell Him the truth! If you’re angry/disappointed with Him tell Him! He won’t give you the cold shoulder, I promise you that. But at the same time tell Him that you want to trust Him, that you want to love Him. I honestly think we feel this hatred for God because we are in defensive mode. Things are not going right in our life so hence we feel like God is responsible for all of this.  I think it’s a compliment really, that problem you are facing right now, God permitted it to happen, why?Cause He believe you can handle it, isn’t that a compliment that God, the creator of the universe believes in you!? BUT…BUT don’t be confuse, some problems happen out of no where but some problems arise because of your sinful nature and that is something not to be happy about! God sometimes punishes you out of love just as father disciplines those he loves.

Well that’s my two cents for tonight. To close things up…for whatever reason just pray..Start of with 3 times a day first and you see that you want to be praying more than three times a day.

1st time – Morning – Thank God for giving you another day, ask for protection and guidance throughout the day for you and your love ones and what not
2nd time – Midday – Tell God what made you happy/sad/angry ask for guidance and protection, your personal intention
3rd time – before you sleep – Tell God everything that has happen, ask for protection throughout the night, strength/wisdom for the next day, thank Him for the things that made you happy and ask for healing for things that didn’t go well.

I think also we should pray for the grace to forgive, understanding and patience all the time, to pray for the conversion of those we love and to always ask God to send His spirit to heal us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

God bless †