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“Get a grip!”

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

It’s funny how you can help someone countless times but all of the sudden they turn on you without the thought that one might be under great pressure and stress. They would rather jump into conclusion and show no sympathy or compassion towards the person.

They prefer to emulate the crowd back in the days shouting “Crucify him, crucify him”, “He helped others, let him help himself”.

I’m not here to cast the first stone but rather to express my deep sorrow because I’m being persecuted for having a bad day, apparently it is wrong to have a bad day, complaining or “losing grip”, apparently if one were to complain or to lose grip, it is punishable by condescension, the cold shoulder and along that lines.

I wish there were more Veronicas and Simons in this world to help people carry the crosses of this world. People today in my opinion, label people as “weak”, “stupid”, “a nuisance” because they fall under the weight of their own problems, they can’t “get a grip” with life. Yes I love that that phrase “Get a grip”.

What many people fail to realize is that, one should NEVER attack a person who is down because you just don’t know what that person is going through. Believe it or not a person can be carrying many combinations of problems at one go. Who are YOU to judge what problem is small or big.

In today’s world more and more people are taking on varios activities, courses, lessons so that they can be a well-rounded individual, so that they can be successful in life but I think if not most, all should go for a course(if there is such thing) in being sympathetic and empathetic towards other people. People are darn stupid nowadays, when I say stupid, I mean they are emotionally stupid. They can have all the Phds and degrees in the world but  sorry to say, telling someone who is depress that you can help them because you have a Phd in so or so is not going to help anyone.

They are stupid in relationships and friendships. They do dumb, hurtful, arrogant stuff and don’t even know they are doing it. They offend people, miss the point, have the wrong priorities and miss the face of God in those who are mourning and weeping here on earth totally and I mean totally miss it. But I suppose the most “logical” and “sure” way is to tell those people to “get a grip” in life right? Idiots.

Job said it best in chapter 6, verse 26:

“Do you think your words are convincing when you disregard my cry of desperation?”

Job needed someone to…

  • Cry with him
  • Acknowledge his pain
  • Connect with him at the heart level
  • Grieve with him
  • Help him rebuild his life
  • Comfort him
  • Encourage him
  • Let him talk

Job did not need someone to…

  • Preach at him
  • Criticize him
  • Tell him what to say to God
  • Say silly clichés like: “Get a grip!” (YES MY FAVORITE PHRASE)
  • Accuse Job of being sinful, weak, being a nuisance, etc..

But you know at the end of it..what can I do, so what if I’m sad and down in the dumpsters, so what if I’m at that point of just wanting to break down and cry? I should just freaking……